Thursday, April 24, 2003

Song for the Weekend

from the Mekons
Hate is the new love

Underneath all this
The only thing that matters is
What and where you were born
and How well you use it and conceal it
'Cos there's no peace
On this terrible shore
Everyday is a battle
How we still love the war

Dangerous bibles
all loving for you
In the end we're broken pieces
Stuck like glue
And there's no peace...
When we say we've had enough
We know we really want more

Time for a Cocktail

When the Shiite Hits the Fan

entry removed

More Bush Absurdities

Bush said:

"One thing's for certain, Saddam Hussein no longer threatens America with weapons of mass destruction,"

He failed to say when Saddam Hussein ever threatened America with weapons of mass destruction

Bush said.
"Some in Congress say the plan is too big. Well, it seems like to me they might have some explaining to do. If they agree that tax relief creates jobs, then why are they for a little bitty tax relief package?"

He failed to explain why big tax cuts ($1.5 trillion in the spring of 2001) didn't stimulate the economy.

Reinsate Trent Lott.

Hell, put Lott back up as senate leader, he only said what every Republican party hack in South Carolina thinks. Bush was very cozy with these folks during the 2000 primary.

Bush loves the guilt by assoication game, so lets play it.
Meet Richard T. Hines, a political ally of President Bush,
an certainly a compassionate conservative

Talking Points Rules, OK

A Wing Nut Family Tree
I'm contemplating building a Right Wing family tree website along the lines of
The Covers Project
You could enter the name of your favorite wing nut and get a list of associated nuts, including
prescient details like
'Associated with Paula Jones; pleaded guilty to production of child pornography.'

A money trail connect the dotes
It could also include follow the money trails connecting Bush to say this guy

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Eye of Newt

Alterman reports that Newt Gingrich wants to get rid of Colin Powell.

Frankly, I would be thrilled if Bush took Newt's advice. Boot Powell, lets remove the charade of moderation from this administration.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

From WhiskeyTown: Coffee Tables of Mass Destruction

This is too funny!

Questions for Bush Press Conference

NPR's Bob Edwards has a list of questions for W.
To read the article go here

The Questions:

'Mr. President, you’re asking for $76 billion to pay for this war, and you’ll probably go back to Congress to ask for more. Given the fact that there’ll be severe deficits for as long as you are President, why not let your tax cut slide?'

'You offered an attractive bribe to Turkey in exchange for permission to use Turkey as a base from which to invade Northern Iraq. Was the vote of the Turkish parliament to refuse the offer an example of the democracy you’re trying to establish in the Middle East?'

'How did you expect to win international approval for your plan to invade Iraq when you have repeatedly told the rest of the world that the United States is ready to act alone in virtually every field, as witnessed by your withdrawal from international treaties and agreements having to do with the environment, war crimes and other matters that the rest of the world considers important?'

'Mr. President, at your news conference last month, you mentioned the Sept. 11 attacks no fewer than eight times, even though no one asked you about Sept. 11 — they were asking you about the invasion of Iraq. The Sept. 11 attacks were carried out by al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden. Will you please elaborate on the connection, if any, between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, who, if his videotapes are to be believed, has about as much affinity for Saddam Hussein as you do?'

'Mr. President, you have spent billions of dollars on homeland security to see the nation’s capital paralyzed by a North Carolina tobacco farmer driving his tractor onto the Mall. Did [Homeland Security] Secretary [Tom] Ridge miss a memo or two?'

'Does pre-emptive military action without provocation set a bad example for other countries who can claim actual provocation? India and Pakistan over Kashmir, for example. Greece and Turkey over Cyprus. South Korea, provoked almost daily by North Korea.'

'And speaking of North Korea, Mr. President, who is the worse dictator — Saddam Hussein or Kim Il Jong?'

'Kim is weeks away from turning North Korea into a nuclear power if he hasn’t already done so. Saddam only dreams of becoming a nuclear power, so why is he a bigger priority than Kim? And why don’t you send your so-called precision bombers to take out the one plant in North Korea that you know to be a potential source of nuclear weapons?'

'When I interviewed your wife, Mr. President, she said the best byproduct of ousting the Taliban from Afghanistan was the liberation of Afghan women. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told me the same thing when I asked him what the U.S. achieved in its war in Afghanistan. If the liberation of Arab women is so important to your administration, then why is the United States not invading Saudi Arabia?'

'Sir, would you say your policy of non-involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is working out? If so, for whom?'

'Is it possible that the war in Iraq will result in regime change in Great Britain?'

Shaky Intelligence

Blix says the US used 'shaky' intelligence.
I don't know what's more amusing the word 'shanky' or the word 'intelligence' when used to describe anything coming from W.

But thanks to Blix I now have a perfect descrption of Anne Coulter.
OR would that be SKANKY Intelligence?

A Brave Republican Questions Bush's Tax Cut

Read the editorial

'The tax-cut triumphalism of the G.O.P.'s ascendancy in Washington echoes out here like gross revelry from a cloud-veiled penthouse. The fiscal bill for the easy politics of detaxation is being bucked down the red-ink road toward needful states where politicians still dare to believe in federal government and services and even the graduated income tax. (Maine gets back $1.30 for every dollar sent to federal coffers.)'
The New York Times

Monday, April 21, 2003

Operation Iraqi Freedom, Your 15 Minustes are Up

Now that bombs will not be falling over the moonlit skies of Iraq,
shall we dance with Scott Peterson?

Baghdad By Candellight

Not that this matters now, but remember when the lights went out in Baghdad? U.S. Central Command insisted we did not attack power stations, and that Iraqis shut down the power system.

If that is the case then why is it taking so long to get the power back up?

It turns out that electricity can be counted among the wounded by collateral damage.

The main problem in restoring power seems to be breaks in the lines that supply fuel to the plant. The breaks are caused by gunshots. No one has contacted Bob Arnot to see if he can determine if these wounds were caused by Iraqi or US weapons.