Saturday, May 24, 2003

Earth to The Wahington Press Corps

Josh Marshalls latest run down of the events surrounding the Texas Killer Ds points out once more the role of the majority leader of the house, Tom DeLay.
In the middle of this column Josh asked parenthetically:

(Earth to David Broder, Chris Matthews, Tim Russert and the rest of DC's wizards of high dudgeon: when will you start talking about this?)

Josh is a very wise man, but it seems he does not realize that the Washington Press Corp has been totally co-opted by the Republican Party. The names he list are the same court jesters who are responsible for flagrant lies about Al Gore that help propel Bush to office.

Mike Mathews, who recently told a guest “I don’t want to talk about facts I want to talk about politics” has done nothing but deride the Killer D’s. This man recently spent 20 minutes dancing a double entendre pas des deux with a G. Gordon Liddy around the exaggerated phallus of our commander and chief. Does Josh really think Mathews is going to attack his republican buddies? Fat chance.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Moyers on Journalism

Bill Moyers Now Friday, May 23 at 9pm on PBS., ends the show with this essay On Being a Journalist .
Moyers says:
Every Memorial Day I think about what these men did and what we owe them. They didn't go through hell so Kenny Boy Lay could betray his investors and workers at Enron, or for a political system built on legal bribery. It wasn't for corporate tax havens in Bermuda, or an economic system driven by the law of the jungle, or so a handful of media buccaneers could turn the public airwaves into private sewers.

The last line says volumes and it’s a point we seldom consider; our public airways are being turn into swears.

Outside of the Inside

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For Osama and his buddies Pat and Jerry

And whats the point of Albert Einstein
What do we need Physics for?
Heresys his inspiration
Corrupt and rotten to the core
Curse his devious mathematics
Curse his deadly atom war

Shakespeare, Isaac Newton
Small ideas for little boys
Adding to the senseless chatter
Adding to the background noise
Hard to hear my oratory
Hard to hear my inner voice

Van gogh, Botticelli
Scraping paint onto a board
Colour is the fuel of madness
Thats no way to praise the Lord
Greys the colour of the pious
Knelt upon the misericord

Im familiar with the cover
I dont need to read the book
I police the world of action
Insides where I never look
Got no time to help the worthless
Lotus-eaters, Mandarins, crooks

Theres a message on the wind
Calling me to glory somewhere
There are signs too deep for the dumb
Like perfume in the air
And when I get to Heaven
I wont realise Im there

Thursday, May 22, 2003


No, of course not

Days Remaining to find WMD: -1



Days Remaining to find WMD: 0

Unless Weapons of Mass Destruction are found today Bill O'Reilly will owe the nation an apology.

On The O'Reilly Factor (April 22) O'REILLY Said:
...if weapons of mass destruction aren't found, your reputation, my reputation -- because I will have to apologize because I bought into it, I bought into it . . . .

Does this man keep his word?

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Martin Scorsese to film Bob Dylan Biography

via Salon
The film, planned for release in 2005, will chronicle Dylan's 1963 breakthrough and the cultural and political influence of his music, Scorsese and his producing partners said Tuesday.

"I've admired and enjoyed his many musical transformations," Scorsese said in a statement. "For me, there is no other musical artist who weaves his influences so densely to create something so personal and unique."

In addition to playing in some theaters, the movie will also be broadcast on PBS in the United States and the BBC in the United Kingdom.

The documentary is in the tradition of "The Last Waltz," Scorsese's 1978 concert film about the Band, which also featured Dylan. The Dylan film is expected to feature live concert performances, studio recording sessions and a rare interview with the singer-songwriter.


Days Remaining to find WMD: 1

Unless Weapons of Mass Destruction are found in the next day Bill O'Reilly will owe the nation an apology.

Does this man keep his word?

I stole this from HNN, but when you hear a good song, ya gotta sing it.

A victory (of sorts) in Iraq
Gene Lyons

According to the White House script, the made-for-TV action/adventure flick CNN called "Showdown Iraq" ended triumphantly when President Bush swaggered across the USS Abraham Lincoln's flight deck in his Village People fighter jock costume. On Chris Matthews' MSNBC blatherfest, "Hardball," the hyperbolic host and G. Gordon Liddy got so overwhelmed with patriotic zeal that they actually discussed the president's, um, well, his "manly characteristic" was Liddy's euphemism. The Watergate felon turned talk show host chided Democrats who found Bush's posturing ludicrous. "Run that stuff again of him walking across there with the parachute," Liddy scolded. "He has just won every woman's vote in the United States of America. You know, all those women who say size doesn't count-they're all liars."

O tempora, O mores, as disgraced GOP virtue czar Bill Bennett might have observed back when an earlier president's manly characteristic was much in the news. (Speaking of whom, does anybody hang out in Vegas for days at a time playing the slots and attending religious services? And don't casinos make sure big players never go thirsty and meet lots of friendly women?) Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, the results of America's first "preventive war" began to look anything but triumphant. The stunning effectiveness of the U.S. military notwithstanding (equipped and trained on Bill Clinton's watch, it's worth noticing), everything war critics feared could go wrong has gone wrong.

In Baghdad, chaos and savagery ruled. No sooner had U.S. Marines pulled down Saddam Hussein's statue than the undermanned force's inability to assure law and order became clear. Troops stood helplessly by as mob violence swept the country. "Since the American takeover," writes Hassan Fattah in The New Republic, "Baghdad has turned into an Arab version of the Watts riots. Burning buildings dot the city skyline. Armed looters terrorize the population, tearing into homes and emptying them of their possessions.... Street crime was infrequent under Saddam, but today random rapes, carjackings and murders have become commonplace in many parts of the city, and as a result women have virtually disappeared from the streets. At Baghdad's Al Nouman Hospital, sources say 35 women who were raped and left for dead have been brought into the ward in recent weeks."

Even worse, he wrote, "Iraq's nascent political groups are forming armed militias and storing weapons as they prepare for a potential civil war...."

Two American regime changes later, democracy has been put on indefinite hold. Electrical power, water, sanitary sewers and telephones haven't been restored. Spring planting hasn't taken place for lack of seeds, fertilizer and irrigation pumps. "Drive around Basra," suggests prowar New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, "and see what looters have done to just one institution: the 12,000-student Basra University. It looks as if a tornado hit it. Looters have made off with all the desks and chairs, ransacked the library and were last seen by my colleague Marc Santora ripping out window frames and digging up cables."

Friedman acts surprised that the Bush administration hasn't delivered on its promises. Imagine that. He warns that Iraqis who initially welcomed U.S. troops are growing embittered.

The hawkish New York Post finds American soldiers uneasy, reporting: "' I'm no bleeding heart, ' says Sgt. Leon 'Pete' Peters (who had more than his share of kills during the fighting south of the city). 'I'll pull the trigger quick as anyone. But this place is going to go crazy if we don't find a way to help these people.... I've been here for more than 30 days and I've yet to see a single yellow humanitarian food package. '"

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld fired Army Secretary Thomas White and effectively silenced Gen. Eric Shinseki after the war. Shinseki had warned Congress that "hundreds of thousands" of soldiers would be needed to occupy Iraq, according to The New York Times. He and other experienced soldiers who criticized Rummy's plan were clearly correct.

The search for Saddam's vaunted "weapons of mass destruction" has turned into farce. The Washington Post describes U.S. intelligence experts bursting into warehouses filled with vacuum cleaners; finding swimming pools and liquor distilleries at supposed WMD sites; and confiscating kids' science projects. Looters have stripped Iraqi nuclear waste sites bare. Have terrorists made off with deadly radioactive waste? Nobody knows. Polls find Americans too busy chanting "We're Number One" to care whether Bush simply lied or U.S. intelligence bungled the WMDs question. But defeating Iraq militarily was always going to be the easy part. Alas, Bush was talking through his hat when he declared al-Qa'ida gravely weakened. Last week's sickening terror attacks in Saudi Arabia and Morocco showed that. Suicide bombings in Israel also have wrecked the president's "road map for peace," again empowering lunatics and fantasists on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian question. Otherwise, the president has won a famous victory.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003


Days Remaining to find WMD: 1

Unless Weapons of Mass Destruction are found in the next day Bill O'Reilly will owe the nation an apology.

On The O'Reilly Factor (April 22) O'REILLY Said:
...if weapons of mass destruction aren't found, your reputation, my reputation -- because I will have to apologize because I bought into it, I bought into it . . . .

Does this man keep his word?

Republican Tax Proposal Promotes Class Welfare

Warren Buffett On The Bush Tax Scam
When you listen to tax-cut rhetoric, remember that giving one class of taxpayer a "break" requires -- now or down the line -- that an equivalent burden be imposed on other parties. In other words, if I get a break, someone else pays. Government can't deliver a free lunch to the country as a whole. It can, however, determine who pays for lunch. And last week the Senate handed the bill to the wrong party.

Supporters of making dividends tax-free like to paint critics as promoters of class warfare. The fact is, however, that their proposal promotes class welfare. For my class.

Red Ink Republicans enact Debt Increase, Privatizing Profits and Socializing Risk

Red Ink Republicans

Red Ink Republicans
enact Debt Increase,
Privatizing Profits
and Socializing Risk

Thanks to TonyB and Bill Rehm via Eschaton

Sunday, May 18, 2003

And More on the Dean Demographic

female, eurasian, 38 y/o paralegal, no kids. live in socal and in a conservative district. some college. have voted dem since high school. have voted in every election. never marched for anything in my life till the iraq issue came to a head. never been active in a political campaign either. plan to volunteer for the dean campaign. disappointed and downright angry with the other candidates who(now)talk tough against bush but have voted for his proposals.

married to a disabled vet, who is also disgusted by bush.
Oh Susanna
My husband and I are long-time registered Republicans, but as moderates, there hasn't been a candidate for us to support on the Republican side of the ballot in years. Much of the Republican platform makes no sense. Neither of us can figure out why the only thing the conservatives want to "conserve" is their imagined right to be greedy. Why do they go on so about protecting the fetus when they refuse to take care of the unwanted children who are already born? Why are they so quick to spend money on prisons, but not on schools? Where do they get off treating America's public lands as their private revenue sources? How come these folks are so eager to enact their particular religious beliefs into law, despite the Constitution, even as the ethical behavior of their corporations does not bear close scrutiny? And why are they so hung up on homosexuals when they claim to "want the government out of peoples' lives?"

My husband is a college graduate; I have some college, but did not complete a degree. We've been married 30 years. We have a number of moderate Republican friends who are as convinced as we are that Bush is a disaster for this country, and who voted for Gore in 2000. Both my husband and I feel Dean is the candidate with the ideas, brains and credentials to get the ordinary voter excited about politics again. That he has the courage of his convictions, without regard for the latest poll results, is like a miracle. The man makes sense. He's got our votes -- and our financial support.

It's past time for the Democratic party's leaders to get up on their hind legs and lead. The DLC leadership completely blew it in 2000, 2001, and 2002. They should be retired -- along with most of the candidates who think they can challenge Bush. Governor Howard Dean is the only leader worthy of the name that I see out there.

Will BILL O'REILLY Keep his Word?

A shocked nation is waiting to hear the aplogy.

On ABC's Good Morning America (March 18, 2003) O'REILLY Said:
Here's, here's the bottom line on this for every American and everybody in the world, nobody knows for sure, all right? We don't know what he has. We think he has 8,500 liters of anthrax. But let's see. But there's a doubt on both sides. And I said on my program, if, if the Americans go in and overthrow Saddam Hussein and it's clean, he has nothing, I will apologize to the nation, and I will not trust the Bush Administration again, all right? But I'm giving my government the benefit of the doubt. . . .